No 4K Streaming Until 2020?

And by 2020 8K should be the new 4K.

This 2020 prediction for 4K comes from Thomas Edwards of Fox Networks.

With Apple’s lack of buy-in to 4K, and the general lack of 4K content, 4K still has more challenges than it should.

Jan Ozer expressed a similar sentiment in April of 2015:

UHD 4K is being encoded by Netflix at 15Mbps. Can they deliver 15Mbps? They had trouble delivering 2 1/2 Mbps. [They are] averaging 3.4Mbps over FIOS, which is one of the fastest systems out there. Even if the TV sets were out there, even if the content was out there, can you deliver 15Mbps video to these UHD sets? The answer is unless you have your own pipes, probably not.

Jan Ozer has a very interesting presentation you can read here.

The take home message appears to be that unless you’re willing to put in extra effort to take advantage of your 4K television, or unless you’re working in media production, it really isn’t 4K’s time yet.  There’s no rush for most people to get a 4K, and we’re saying that as 4K enthusiasts.