Nvidia’s Shield $200 Android TV and Game Console with 4K Video Streaming

See Nvidia’s webpage on the Shield for more information, but some of the interesting claims are that it’s components are twice as powerful as the Xbox 360, and that it can stream 4K video.  The Shield runs off a Tegra X1 processor, has 3GB of memory and has a 256-core Nvidia Maxell GPU.


Blackmagic Ursa Mini Analysis

The OneRiver Media Blog has posted a thoughtful article about the Blackmagic Ursa Mini titled Insight Into The Blackmagic URSA MINI.

This is the most poignant discussion on the subject we have seen so far and it does a good job covering the value of this camera and whom it might make sense for.

Although it may appear that Blackmagic may have built the URSA Mini as a direct competitor to the Sony FS7 (a camera which I really like), this is actually not the case. In truth, Blackmagic had an obvious “hole” in their camera product lineup with regards to size, ergonomics, and features, and the URSA Mini was their answer to that missing product void, whether it’s a close competitor to the FS7 or not. In reality, the Sony FS7 and the URSA Mini are somewhat different types of tools.

HDR in the context of 4K TVs

Eh Daily has an article titled What is HDR and Why is it Important in 4K TVs?.

This article provides an important overview of why one should be considering the dynamic range of TV and not only its resolution.

All other things being equal, we would rather have a 1080P TV with a high dynamic range than a 4K TV with a mediocre dynamic range.  However, there is no reason why we can’t have both 4K and HDR other than the currently prohibitive pricing.